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Ever Needed to just escape everyday anxiety or stress.

See how we can help with our exclusive organics range of products, services, and treatments sure to help you relax and refresh your body.

Feel balanced with your mind and body, become clear and focused on the tasks ahead by enjoying some time for you that your body needs.

Our range of Luxury Facials, Revitalising Massages and Rejuvenating Body treatments are sure to help.

What is a facial?

Facials are a known as a group of skin care treatments for the face and performed in Spa's. A facial can consist of the following treatments all for different characteristics and feelings:

Steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, lotions, facial masks, peels and massage‍‍‍

See our facials range for more details.

It's all organic‍‍‍!‍‍‍

That's right all our Spa Range Products used for treatments and services are Organic and locally sourced.

The best part is all products used can be purchased through our retail area or online. 

More Product information can be found through our online store.‍‍‍

Feel the difference with our‍‍‍ exclusive treatments

We have developed‍‍‍ our own range of packages and treatments to ensure a luxury feel to fulfill your relaxation needs with packages incorporating our services and treatments.

which include our Relaxing Massage styles, our luxury facial treatments and our couples packages for you, your family and loved ones to enjoy‍‍‍.

It is the only way‍‍‍ to relax‍‍‍

We have specialised our Packages to incorporate a Spa Journey for each step ‍‍‍we have planned from start to finish with the smallest of details being adhered to for the ultimate in Mind body and balance for a whole ‍‍‍new level of relaxation.

‍‍‍Monthly offers with exclusive dis‍‍‍counts‍‍‍

Enjoy more than ever our exclusive discounts to our Services and Treatments for all to enjoy. with our membership you can have early access to enjoy whats on offer in future promotions‍‍‍.

What is a Day Spa?

A Day Spa is a business that provides a variety of treatments and services to assist in the improvement of health, beauty, relaxation and well being with such treatments and services including but not limited to personal care treatments, Massage, Body treatments and Facials.

With treatments and services focused on the use of thermal energy we can help in enhancing and improving health, beauty and personal care all within a soothing environment.‍‍‍

A day spa is different from a destination Spa, as no overnight accommodation is provided.

It's All Organic


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